What We Do

what we do
The LITE organization is comprised of multiple business sectors, each with a unique way of supporting our economic development mission. One of our first business line is our Services or Product Development program. Here we produce applications that enable people to travel "virtually" to places they normally cannot go to because these destinations are not yet created, or because they are too dangerous, difficult or distant to access in reality. Our specific focus for our product development team is the creation of serious-games, animations and E-Learning services.

Our second business sector is our Events and Venues program. The LITE Facility is home to 3-advanced visualization venues that support a number of clients in our community. From hosting client meetings and film screenings in our large Theatre, to showcasing a new product virtually in our 6-sided virtual reality CAVE, LITE has a venue for you.

LITE’s Facilities program, one of our final sectors, works in partnership with the Opportunity Machine to provide commercial real estate options for new and emerging technology businesses in Louisiana. Tenants are able to access a number of LITE’s resources, and each business in the facility supports the overall mission of the organization.