LITE is home to three high-powered advanced visualization venues that give our clients the ability to host meetings, trainings, workshops, networking socials, and other special events with ease and sophistication.


Seats 165 and is equipped with HD, 3-D projection, and THX surround sound.

It is designed classroom style, with streaming Wi-Fi and outlet boxes at each station to facilitate group decision-making sessions, training exercises and other large, hands-on activities.

Executive Conference Room

Seats 30 and is an innovative collaborative space with dual projection systems, 3-D viewing, and full surround sound.

Can be used as a classroom, boardroom, remote conferencing room, training space and lunch/learn environment. With its unique curved screen, the EC is the perfect space to make an impression and optimize meetings.

TIS (Total Immersion Space)

The TIS, locally known as the glass egg, is a six-sided virtual reality CAVE that allows users to be totally immersed in a virtual environment.

From medical diagnostics to architectural renderings, LITE's TIS gives clients the nation's only environment to experience things that are typically too distant or dangerous to access in reality.

Seats 80 with a standing capacity of 150. Open space with floor to ceiling windows and an attached natural wetlands deck that has an additional capacity of 50.


The Lobby is an open area designed for networking, luncheons, and exhibits.