Product Development


The possibilities for animations are endless and using this product creates an optimal environment for employees to learn, retain and apply important information.

LITE’s animation services uses multidimensional tools to create tutorials, illustrate content, and customize training curriculum that is engaging, informative, and cost effective. If your business is looking for an innovative animation service, we have the expertise to help you take your training program to the next level.


A concept that consists of interactive videos, moving images, and engaging content; ideal for visualizing complex data and processes.

Data Visualization brings clients the ability to view and experience their data in ways that are generally not available. We can take you to the bottom of the ocean floor to view and oil rig that was damaged, or fly you through the solar system. LITE has the capabilities of allowing you to truly experience your content.


LITE is taking training and learning to the next level. We're refreshing the concept of training curriculum and bringing the business community a simpler way to improve performance and safety through learning solutions that can deliver results!


Learning through gaming has the potential to engage, influence, and above all educate employees with benefits that surpass cost savings. Business that have advanced training needs are able to use serious gaming to save money and lives!

Learning by discovery is a concept that we think is critical to retention and reducing injury. Trainees are disconnected from real world experiences through textbooks and PowerPoint presentations. What we offer are real-time immersive environments that simulate true-to-life scenarios. Trainees can practice on virtual equipment that is replicated in form and function, turning passive learners into active, engaged participants.