Immersive Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE)

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Oil Rig IVLE

LITE has created an IVLE off-shore drilling platform to help train oil platform workers.  In this environment, we are able to simulate any hazardous condition, training exercise or past disaster in this virtual world without the consequences of failure.  Using a powerful game engine called the Unreal Engine, LITE is able to place a worker in a completely immersive experience, one that can simulate the chaos when things go wrong.

Moving forward, LITE is looking for a partner to assist in bringing this IVLE to the commercial market. In order for LITE to do that, we must enter into a partnership with subject matter experts that will assist us in developing the most realistic scenarios possible. Contact a member of the management council for more information on this project. A video of the product is below.

Oil Rig IVLE VideoThis is a video captured from the real time application called Oil Rig IVLE.


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