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DOTD Flagger Training

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) along with the Louisiana Training and Research Center (LTRC) came to LITE to learn about training in a virtual environment.  Together LITE and DOTD helped to define the Immersive Virtual Learning Environment or IVLE.  Using a simple subject the IVLE was created with Flagger Training as a prototype to prove that learning in a virtual environment was equal to or better than regular learning (PowerPoint or books).

LTRC did research over the course of a few months to train a group with the IVLE and a group with the normal training.  The results have proven that there is reason to continue evolving the IVLE into a more robust training application.  DOTD, LTRC, and LITE are working on grants to continue to work in this area.

LITE is pushing forward on the IVLE idea and trying to get it into more areas in different industries.  The future of training is to train in virtual environments and LITE is poised to be a leader in this area for Louisiana.

Project Date: Winter and Spring of 2010

Project Partner: DOTD, LTRC

Interactive Web Demo This is the short version of the Flagger IVLE that LITE helped to develop.  Try it for yourself.
Making of DOTD Flagger Training VideoWatch the video that shows how we made the Flagger IVLE for the Louisiana DOTD.


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