Product Development
LITE has a staff of professional artists and software engineers who specialize in product development. LITE staff works together with each client to bring innovation and advanced-technologies to each project, and in turn creates a world-class product.

We excel at real time applications. Think video games but with learning, training, analysis, and simple visualization in mind. We use a wide range of entertainment and visualization tools to help us like Unity3D and our in-house engine called Xolo. Our staff is trained in video games and real time visualization tools.

We can deliver to portable systems, our in-house visualization venues, laptops, workstations, super-computers, and to the World Wide Web. We work with many different file formats from many industries including Oil and Gas, Medical, Entertainment, Architecture, Training and many more. We also work in Linux, Windows, Mac, mobile devices, and much more.

To see some of our work in action, check out our video page and our image gallery.

How To Get Started
If you have a project that you'd like to discuss with the Product Development team, please submit a short explanation and proposal of your idea. LITE's Management Council will review your proposal and get back to you quickly.

We are looking forward to hearing your great ideas, and building a relationship that will be beneficial to all involved.


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