Virtually Real Training: IVLE for the Corporate World

  • Virtually Real Training: IVLE for the Corporate World

    Imagine a world where textbooks and PowerPoint’s are obsolete and learning no longer consists of endless pages of boring text and static images. Imagine instead a handheld mobile device, which contains interactive videos, moving images and engaging content; think video games played SIMS style, but specifically tailored to train, educate, and visualize complex or dangerous situations. 

    Here at Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE), we excel at creating technologically advanced products that can enhance any organization’s training program. For the past several years we have worked diligently with The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) and The Louisiana Training and Research Center (LTRC) to develop an Immersive Virtual Leaning Environment (IVLE) that would not only transform the way businesses conduct training, but enhance the way employees learn and retain information.

    For our initial IVLE project, we focused on developing a flagger-training course in conjunction with the DOTD that was designed to teach construction road workers how to properly zone off an area of roadway while roadwork was in progress. LTRC did the research over the course of a few months and the results proved that not only was IVLE a more engaging learning tool, but that the future of training is in virtual environments.

    Not only has this product helped Louisiana DOTD in training, but it has also been a huge success in Kentucky as well. Recently, LITE was asked by Kentucky State University to develop an IVLE flagger-training program. In the past three months, Kentucky State has administered over five courses and certified more than 100 personnel utilizing LITE’s revolutionary IVLE program.

    "Since implementing this program, the students have been more engaged in the content, retained more information for the exam and instructors and students alike have commented on how much more exciting learning this way has been for them. Not only is the program effective in training our personnel in roadside safety, it also adds an element of fun which ultimately results in learner engagement.” Gill Finley, Bridges to Opportunity Program Coordinator, Kentucky State University.

    IVLE is a great education-training product that can be utilized across many industries and platforms and with this type of product development, LITE is poised to be a leader in IVLE for Louisiana. For more information about our IVLE project contact us at

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    Skyra Rideaux

    Skyra is the Events and Public Relations Manager for LITE.