• SBDC Flood Recovery

    Our thoughts continuously go out to those effected by the tragic flooding this past month. Our very own Small Business Development Center has been working tirelessly throughout the month to help get business owners and entrepreneurs back on their feet. We are so grateful to have such eager and motivational tenants! Not only did they have to carry their own personal burdens from the floods, but they were willing to take on other’s discouragement and help them find the light at the end of this wet tunnel. 

    On their first day back to work, the team quickly collaborated with OneAcadiana, UL, and LEDA to organize a Business Recovery Center which is setup here at LITE in Suite 237. They have been coordinating and promoting this assistance every day since. If you know of any displaced business needing work space, please contact LSBDC Director, Heidi Melancon, at

    They have also teamed up with the U.S. Small Business Administration, also located here in Suite 239, providing additional recovery assistance. The SBA provides low-interest, long-term disaster loans to businesses of all sizes, private non-profit organizations, homeowners, and renters to repair or replace uninsured/underinsured disaster damaged property.

    LSBDC has helped create a one-stop location for businesses affected by flooding, and allows owners to access a variety of specialized help. Throughout this whole process, the entire team has kept their spirit and continue to walk the halls with smiles. We would like to personally thank Heidi, Phillip, Stacy, Lauren, Rachel and our new friends at SBA for their continued efforts in rebuilding our community.

    The LSBDC website and Facebook page has tons of great resources for disaster relief:

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  • Top 5 Ways to Use Technology to Rethink Events

    The events industry is changing! The prevalence of the Internet in our daily lives coupled with digital innovations has increased people's willingness to try new tools and engage with brands in a way they haven't before. From YouTube, Spotify, Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram, events are becoming an ever more integral part of the communication mix and make for a much better experience for attendees. Here are the top 5 ways technology is changing events. 

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  • Getting Business Results: An Exclusive Look @ LITE's New Animation Services

    As a technology ecosystem focused on providing innovative solutions for global businesses, LITE is constantly researching and leveraging existing and emerging technologies that can be used to maximize our clients' potential for growth. With our inventive Immersive Virtual Learning Environments (IVLE) we took a bold approach to learning and training and redefined the way oil and gas companies, like Frank's International, developed their training curriculums. Now, we're refreshing that concept and bringing the business community a simpler way to improve performance and safety through learning solutions that can deliver results!

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  • Park This Way: LITE's New Tech Focus - Part 1

    LITE was conceived and built through an incredible vision that few people readily understand. When Lafayette's progressive leaders conceptualized LITE as a magnet for attracting big businesses, they never imagined that LITE would become the technology hub of silicon bayou. Through the years, LITE has continued to innovate, collaborate and use its inherent expertise to leverage existing technology and create solutions for local, national and international businesses such as Our Lady of Lourdes hospital, Frank's International, Kentucky State University and Louisiana Department of Transportation. This time we wanted to get the community involved in our efforts to use new technologies to create innovative products by opening our parking lot to Ragin Cajun fans this season. So, what are these innovative technologies and how are we using them? 

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  • The Secret in the Glass Egg

    Lafayette is living up to its moniker, the hub city. Not only are we the happiest people in the country, but we have the best food and we are one of the fastest growing mid-size cities too. While all roads lead to Lafayette, right in the center of Lafayette, Silicon Bayou if you will, is a structure so unique that the locals have nick-named it: the Glass Egg. If you have ever driven near Cajundome boulevard at night and seen the towering egg glowing, then you understand why it has become such a recognizable fixture in the community. But the question still remains: What is the secret in the glass egg?

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  • Top 10 Questions about LITE & Intellectual Property Rights

    If you're an employer or an independent contractor, its possible that you have questions about the intellectual property (IP) rights of LITE and its stakeholders. We understand the importance of intellectual property rights and the proprietary nature of some of your processes and inventions. We'll discuss some of the most common questions clients ask about who owns the copyright for any project(s) created by LITE, and also explore the different types of copyrights that can offer your business.

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  • Underwater Robotics: Learning by Discovery

    Can you build an underwater robot? Imagine you didn't know anything about robotics, engineering or mathematics and someone explained it to you. Maybe you could repeat how to do it, minus some important details, like how to attach the floats to the frame or adding the motor mounts and netting or remembering how important it is to attach the propellers in the correct direction.

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  • Immersive Gaming: Why it Matters

    The future of technology is poised to shift from 3-D movies to immersive games, ushering in a movement of personalized learning. Immersive gaming is technology that blurs the lines between the physical and digital world. Learning through gaming has the potential to engage, influence, and above all educate employees with benefits that surpass cost savings. It will be critical that businesses integrate immersive technology into their training processes.

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